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Mild, with hot-arid aspects that distinguish Lake Garda from other, more humid and colder pre-Alpine lakes. Readings taken by the Pio Bettoni Meteorological Observatory and Seismic Station in Salò from 1952 to 1976 gave the following:

- an average annual temperature of 13.3°C, with seasonal averages of 4.1°C in winter, 12.8°C in spring, 22.6°C in summer and 13.6°C in autumn;

- 10-12 days of frost a year;

- average annual humidity of 71%;

- 2050 hours of sunshine a year;

- 1180mm rain per year, typically in spring and autumn. Snow or fog are quite rare on the lake shore.

These particularly pleasant conditions are due to the mitigating effect and vicinity of the water, which has quite high temperatures: its surface temperature may even rise to as much as 25°C, while at a depth of 50m the average temperature is 13°C and at 100m, 8.5°C. Lake Garda has the highest deep-water temperature of the great pre-Alpine lakes.



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