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Garda's Paradise

In order to fully appreciate the scenic beauty of Tremosine, visitors must first cross the Brasa gorge, where the rock has been excavated and tormented by the stream for centuries. Once in Lis, the view opens up.

Tremosine is a town consisting of eighteen small hamlets, of which only one, Campione, is directly on the lake, while the others - Ariàs, Bassanega, Cadignano, Castone, Mezzema, Musio, Pregasio, Priezzo, Secastello, Sermerio, Sompriezzo, Ustecchio, Vesio, Villa, Voiandes, Voltino and Pieve (the chief town) – are scattered throughout the beautiful plateau. The Municipality of Tremosine is one of the largest in the province of Brescia, with its approx. 72 km² of extension. Set in the Alto Garda Bresciano Park, the landscape is quite varied, and the hamlets stand between small valleys, on
hummocks and low hills, in plains covered in olive groves, meadows and fir woods.

Tremosine can be reached also from Limone and Tignale, along the “Tignalga” road. There are many mule tracks that, gently ascending the slopes of the mountains, reach the high altitude areas in the locations that, up until 1918, marked the border with the Austro-Hungarian empire. Especially spectacular are the ones that from San Michele and Bondo lead to Tremalzo, towards Valle di Ledro. This creates a veritable haven for excursionists and for mountain-bikers, of all levels, even the most demanding.

The people of the plateau have a long-standing tradition as agricultural farmers and stock breeders, and the mountain witnessed the activity of a large number of “malghe” (mountain farms): Nota, Fobia, Molvìna, Ciàpa, Prato Lavino, Pra Pià, Ca da l’Era, Spiàs, Lorìna, Pùria, Pozza del Lupo, that produced excellent butter and cheeses. Once there was also a large number of smithies that produced tools and nails. Tourism became a primary industry in the Seventies, especially in the Bassanega and Voltino hamlets. Today accommodation is offered by about twenty hotels and holiday apartment houses, capable of accommodating a total of about one thousand guests. The most loyal tourists come from Germany, followed by the Swiss, the Belgians and the Austrians. The requirements of a “sports-oriented” kind of tourism explains the boom in tennis courts, now totalling more than sixty. Excursionism and trekking, mountain biking and, at Campione, windsurfing, kite-surfing and sailing, are the resort’s most popular sports.


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