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Tremosine is a rather special place. It enjoys both Mediterranean and Alpine climates and has vast wooded areas.
Along the lake shore there are olive trees, grape vines, holm-oaks, cypresses, rosemary, thyme, rue and orchids. Higher up are farmed terraces (although most now lie waste), then sheer rock walls, and cliffs split by deep gorges. Large and small water courses; wild, secluded valleys; and very special, often unique flora and fauna.

It is not easy to understand what Tremosine is like unless you have walked in our woods; you cannot smell the perfumes, hear the sounds, feel its fascinating atmosphere. We even become part of the woods. The animals leave signs of their presence, sometimes we catch a glimpse of them. The woods are always alive, even when the trees lose their leaves. The flowers we see are breathtaking; their colours and shapes seem taken from a fairytale. Trails lead us near and far, at times the trees hide the view while at others our eyes take in sweeping vistas.

In the mountains there are meadows and pastures, large and small woods, majestic solitary trees, sheer cliff-faces, inaccessible places where only animals venture, large and small narrow gorges and caves that offer shelter to rare plants and flowers: Daphne petraea, Saxifraga tombeanensis (which means “from Mt Tombea”) and Viola biflora.

All kinds of tracks cross and link each locality. Some are wide and well kept, others are not maintained and some are completely abandoned. The old military roads still form the backbone of our mountains. They lead us close to the alpine cowherds’ farmhouses, they link with Ledro Valley and with Valvestino; they have been in regular use for a hundred years.

2011 Cima del "Còren", Corno della Marogna, Mt 1953

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(born 5 February 1947 in Tremosine)

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They live in Botticino (province of Brescia), Italy. They are retired and spend their summers and weekends in Tremosine.


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