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Trails of Tremosine

The following are a few trails which the authors have already walked. The Pro-Loco, too, offers a range of trails to walk with a guide

If you want to take advantage of all the natural beauty the Tremosine area has to offer, you must take up walking, have at least one walking companion, you have to love nature, be curious, always cautious.

Plan every walk carefully before you leave. Study a good walker’s map, collect information from the locals, watch the weather forecast, estimate the time you will take, check if there are any alternative routes, be fit.

A backpack (possibly a small one), mid-mountain walking boots (comfortable, with a high ankle cuff), telescopic walking poles, camera and spare batteries, mobile phone.

Backpack essentials for a one-day walk in fine weather: water, a cigarette lighter, a map, tissues, food, plastic bag, spare T-shirt, small saw, Swiss army knife (or similar), a few metres of thin cord, waterproof jacket, small first-aid kit. The final weight should be no more than 5-6kg.

Text and photos of Caterina Cozzaglio and Angelo Marchetti

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