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Let' s Play S-ciapì - 21 April 2019 - Easter


Due concorrenti si sfidano a suon di colpi di uova

“Sciapì” is played on Easter Sunday.This is a very old, traditional game using hard-boiled eggs decorated with natural colours made from infusions of herbs or fruit/vegetable peel.

To play the game, one contestant holds a hard-boiled egg in his hand while the other contestant hits it with another egg. The winner is the one who manages to keep his egg intact. The loser must give their egg to the winner.

This game evokes the simple, traditional pastimes of yesteryear, taking the contestants back to a time when people managed to enjoy themselves with very simple things.

The event also features music, street stalls, cakes and white wine.       

This event is organised to provide more attractions during the low season and to offer something really unusual to tourists who are increasingly eager to know more about the culture and traditions of the places where they spend their holidays, and to take part in the life of the local community.

Sciapì is in fact played only in the Tremosine area. As far as we know, it is unknown in other parts of Italy.

The origins of this traditional game go far back into the past, when having an extra egg to spare was a rare and important event.

On this occasion, too, the community of Tremosine welcomes people on holiday in the area. Tourists are warmly encouraged to take part in this simple, but highly enjoyable game.

The square in Pieve’s old town fills with colour and bright chatter as men and women, old and not-so-old folk, teenagers and young children – who cannot even understand each other because they speak different languages – have enormous fun playing a very simple game.

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