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Gastronomy in Tremosine

Local food

Apart from the beautiful scenery, visitors to the Upper Garda cannot fail to be struck by the very Mediterranean-type vegetation in the zone that starts at the lake and rises to approximately 400 m. Among agaves, oleanders, rosemary and holm oaks there are ancient olive groves, bathing in the warmth of sunny terraces, that give us the oil that was a vital source of nourishment in the past and today is the pride of our local growers.

They provide consumers with a wholesome, healthy product whose characteristics compare favourably with many others: a low oleic acid content, delicate flavour, high digestibility. The excellence of Garda extra-virgin olive oil is perfect for the simple, local dishes you may enjoy in Tremosine and for a more sophisticated cuisine where it enhances flavours and aromas.

In autumn many delicious mushroom varieties grow among the vegetation of the high hills and mountains and in the chestnut, beech and fir woods, such as: Boletus Edulis (Cep, Porcini), Lactarius Deliciosus (Saffron Milk Cap), Cantharellus Cibarius (Chantarelle), Russula Delica (Milk-white Russula), Lepiota Procera (Parasol mushroom) and others.

Another very ancient product has recently been rediscovered in the mountain zone; the precious, rare truffle gives an incomparable flavour to any dish. Both the superior white truffle and the black variety grow in our area: the first between October and December, the latter between November and March – truly a gourmet's delight!


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