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Sacri Tridui

The Sacri Tridui rites are held in Pieve on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday before Ash Wednesday.

Veduta dell'apparato dei tridui
"... after sung Vespers, a large black cloth with a white cross in the middle hides the presbytery from our sight, creating a feeling of emptiness and isolation.

We are filled with sadness: we think about our departed loved ones who are awaiting our prayers and we reflect on our sins.

We greatly feel in need of help and so, singing the Litany to an old folk tune, we call upon the Holy Virgin, a refuge for sinners.

After a while the "curtain" silently opens and we see a miracle of light and splendour, a poetic vision, the just reward for those who have not lost hope".

March 1958

In the past it was a solemn commemoration of the dead. Three days (tridui, from the Latin tres dies) of prayers and ceremonies for the souls in Purgatory. Today they are, above all, a celebration of the Eucharist, which includes a remembrance of the dead.

The rite came into being at the time of the Counter-Reformation and was not celebrated on a fixed date. However, it is often associated with Carnival time and is a sort of "Christian antithesis" to the secular festivities at that time of year.

As far as Brescia is concerned, the Triduo rite is traditionally thought to date from the War of the Spanish Succession. Two of the most important events in the bitterly-fought war were the battles of Chiari (1701) and Calcinato (1703), in which a great number of soldiers were killed. The Observants (Franciscan friars) of the monastery of St Joseph, Brescia, held the first Triduo to commemorate the dead of the two battles. Their example was later followed by many other churches in and around Brescia.

There is a magnificent "Triduo machine" in Pieve, a richly decorated wooden structure which is assembled on the presbytery and holds 365 candles, one for each day of the year. During these special ceremonies, the candles are lit all at one time, enveloping the high altar in light. While the Litany is sung to an old folk tune, the Holy Sacrament is displayed in the centre of the macchina.

Friday March 1, Saturday  March 2 and Sunday 03, March 2019



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