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Alto Garda Bresciano Park

Contrary to most natural parks, in substantially homogeneous areas and with mainly naturalistic interests, the Upper Garda Park is characterised by strong contrasts of height (it goes from 65 mt. on the coast to nearly 2,000 mt. at its highest peaks), climate, vegetation and socio-economic.


The landscape is strongly characterised by environmental variations: the blue waters and the green hills up to Gargnano; then the horizontal layer of the mirrored lake and the verticality of the cliffs of the water element and the rough hardness of the rocks. Lake and mountains, alpine atmosphere and Mediterranean tastes: these are the two elements which define the geography of the Brescian Upper Garda, and which make it a unique territory.

PaesaggioFrom its celebrated "Mediterraneanness" of the coastal strip you pass after travelling only a few kilometres to a typically alpine environment, formed by the massif of the Giudicarie. In spite of the multiplicity of the various habitat which safeguard its hinterland, the Park is a homogeneous and organic environment, tightly correlated to the presence of the mass of water in Lake Garda.


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