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Vita nei borghi
September 14, 2019


Vita nei Borghi, orVillage Life - a "delectable" food and wine fair with music and entertainment in the little streets, squares and gardens of the ancient and fascinating village of Pieve. Take a culinary journey back in time and enjoy our traditional local dishes. "Drink in" the happy atmosphere in the old village centre and "eat with your eyes" the beautiful views over the lake from Pieve, a true jewel set in Tremosine's crown!

The many food booths dotted around the village offer you a chance to trytraditional hot dishes made from local ingredients(lake fish, truffles, mushrooms, game, charcuterie, cheese, eggs, oil, honey and jam). This is just a taste of the dishes that await you: pasta and beans, a first course with lake fish, the famous Tremosine tortei (stuffed pasta), polenta with food cooked on a spit, polenta and mushrooms, polenta cùsa (delicious traditional polenta cooked with different kinds of local cheeses), local butter and oil, various kinds of bread baked in Tremosine, grilled cheese, frittatas and cakes.

You can also ring the changes and choose one of our three special menus: a rustic menu, a vegetarian menu or a freshwater-fish menu.

There's another special "note" to the fair – its own currency! Unique banknotes, the EUROPOLDO, will be printed exclusively for the occasion. The only currency you can use to pay for food and drink at the fair is the EUROPOLDO.
















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